Cacao 70

What we ate: Matcha Chocolate Fondue – Double ($18.75) This was alright. It’s a pretty basic fondue and honestly it wasn’t anything special. There was four little dishes of fruit (banana, apple, strawberry and pineapple), a cut up waffle and one brownie. Would I come back? No. I didn’t find the fondue to be anything special and there is no ventilation in the restaurant whatsoever. … Continue reading Cacao 70

Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant

I adore Shanghai food and I’m so lucky that Vancouver has some really great Shanghainese  restaurants. My ride or die Shanghai restaurant will always be Shanghai Wonderful, but I’m always open to trying new places! My mom got a recommendation from her friend for this restaurant so we decided to check it out last Saturday morning. What we ate: Xiao Long Bao These were pretty … Continue reading Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant

Coriander Rubbed Seared Cod [Recipe]

Fresh Prep is a local company that reached out to me to try their healthy delivery service. They deliver prepped and portion controlled raw ingredients to your door so you can cook like a chef without having to do all the hard work! This was the second recipe I tried out after the Summer Pork Chops recipe from last week. I received both meals for … Continue reading Coriander Rubbed Seared Cod [Recipe]