Poke seems to be the new trend in Vancouver. I've never tried it before, but after hearing so many positive things about Pokérrito, I decided to give it a try on my lunch break today! A and I headed down for lunch around 1 pm, hoping to avoid the lunch rush, but we ended up waiting... Continue Reading →

Bubble Waffle Cafe

This is probably my No. 1 place to get lunch in Downtown. It's cheap, it's fast, and it's delicious. As much as I love my Miku lunches there's no way I could eat there every day! This place is always busy. Even though the rest of the stalls in the food court have healthy business (mostly),... Continue Reading →

Sushi California 

Came here for a quick lunch with Q. I've been coming to Sushi California since they first opened when I was in university. It's one of my favourite places for a quick bite of no frills Japanese food, and I have often come here from my office Downtown just to pick up lunch! What I... Continue Reading →

Choco Coo Cafe

Went here with L before he left for the next 2 years to China for work. The cafe wasn't too busy when we showed up in the late afternoon, but it filled up later in the evening. I love the decorations and vibe of this cafe! Because of its location and big windows, the entire... Continue Reading →

The Flying Pig

I went here with S for her belated birthday lunch! I made reservations, but on this occasion I don't think it was needed because the restaurant was only at most 1/4 full the entire time we were there. What I ate: BC Honey Mussels and Frites (broth of the day: White wine with basil, chili... Continue Reading →

Copa Cafe – Richmond

My family used to frequent the Copa Cafe on Cambie Street, but we haven't been back in a long time. Last weekend when we were in Richmond we decided to drop by their Richmond location for some nostalgic eats. What I ate: Baked Ox Tongue on Rice with Tomato Sauce ($9.95) from their Mini Set... Continue Reading →

West Oak

Decided to drop in here after our first two Yaletown picks were inexplicably closed on a Wednesday... But I'm actually really glad that we did because the food was pretty delicious! Chinois Prawns with housemade spicy aioli and candied walnuts ($15) This was basically a leveled up ebi mayo and it was delicious. The prawns were... Continue Reading →

The Bubble Tea Shop

What I ate: Standard Egg Waffle - Original ($3.75) There's nothing better than a classic egg waffle when I'm feeling home sick for Hong Kong. This was a pretty good version of the Hong Kong classic, with a crisp exterior and a chewy interior. What I ate: Premium Egg Waffle - S'more ($6.95) I love... Continue Reading →

Tentatsu Sushi

Ahh, another Japanese restaurant at a very ill fated location. Tentatsu is located next to Anton's, and pretty much every restaurant here lasts about a year (if they're lucky) before going under. Tentatsu pretty much took over the Sushi Giwa space. Everything looks exactly the same as it was when it was Sushi Giwa, except... Continue Reading →

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