Snowy Village – Revisit

Yes, I’m back again! I just cannot resist their croissant taiyaki! Although it’s always busy in here, the staff are pretty good at cleaning the tables and helping you to find seating!

What I ate: Croissant Taiyaki (3 for $10) This time we got Nutella, Red Bean and Sweet Potato!

Although very greasy (from all that butter!!), this taiyaki is the best I’ve had in a long time! It reminds me of the ones I’ve had in Japan. And, although 3 for $10 seems steep, it’s actually quite similarly priced to ones you’d find in Asia.

My favourite is always the classic red bean or Nutella! They are quite generous with the fillings so the first bite is always so good with all the hot goodness oozing out.

What I ate: Matcha Bingsoo ($12)

For a dessert shop called “Snowy Village” I’d expect some killer shaved ice, and on this point they are only okay. The ice is fluffy, but they don’t have enough toppings throughout the dessert so it’s quite flavourless after a while.

I like the use of matcha sponge cake though! It’s very moist. Although visually appealing to stack everything precariously on top, perhaps it’d be better if they divided the toppings so that there’s some in the middle layer.

Would I come back? For the croissant taiyaki! If it wasn’t so far away from the office I’d be here all the time!

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