After a crazy rough week, we decided to treat ourselves at ARC for a fancy lunch (with some libations of course)

What we drank: Sangria, Lillet Rouge, grapefruit & lime juice, fresh fruits, sprite ($15)

This was very light and refreshing!

What we drank: Kissed by a Bee, tequila, vodka & lillet, lemon & honey, locally grown strawberries ($15)

Not exactly what I had pictured when I saw “locally grown strawberries” (I was envisioning little strawberries), but this was a solid cocktail!

What we ate: Albacore Tuna Poke, serrano pepper, macadamia nut, avocado, rice cracker ($18)

With the rising popularity of poke, there was no way we couldn’t order the version here. This was a pretty solid version of poke. The tuna was fresh, but the overwhelming taste was sesame oil.

What we ate: House Smoke Salmon, toasted rye, horseradish cream, watermelon radish and salmon roe ($16)

Not exactly what we were expecting. We were thinking more along the lines of smoked salmon laid out on a board, but this was a very beautiful and tasty interpretation. I especially loved the horseradish cream.

What we ate: Pan Seared Salmon, roasted fingerling potatoes, wilted greens, asparagus, caper lemon emulsion ($26)

Continuing on our fish theme, I had the salmon. The skin was perfectly crispy and the fish was moist and cooked just right. I will say that the dish itself was on the saltier side, but the lemon emulsion helped a little bit with its acidity to balance it out.

What we ate: Baked Lobster Mac and Cheese ($24-26?)

This was off their specials menu. It was super cheesy and decadent. Way too rich to finish!

What we ate: Guiness Chocolate Cake, salted caramel ($12)

This was so unbelievably chocolate-y. The cake itself was so moist and fluffy and the presentation was so beautiful.

What we ate: Key Lime Pie, graham cracker crumble ($8)

Not exactly what we were expecting, but a very cute dessert. The lime curd was very tart, just the way I like it. A very refreshing dessert to finish of our extremely heavy lunch.

What we ate: House Churned Ice Cream, Double Chocolate, freeze dried raspberries ($6)

This was so good. It wasn’t as creamy as I expected, and it was a bit icy, but it went really well with our chocolate cake!

Overall the lunch was just the perfect remedy to a bad week.

ARC Bar - Fairmont Waterfront Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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