Gong Cha – Downtown

Gong Cha is my favourite bubble tea place in Hong Kong, so I was very excited when I found out that they were opening in Vancouver! It's been open for quite a while, but I just never got around to writing a post about it! I've dragged pretty much everyone that I know here, and... Continue Reading →

Joey – Burnaby

I came here with A after a long day at work. We were a couple highballs and cocktails in when she convinced me to order this sushi roll (even though we were ten feet away from Sushi Garden). Rainbow Roll - ahi tuna, salmon, crab, avocado, Sriracha aioli ($14.50) This was a standard sushi roll.... Continue Reading →

Congee Noodle Delight

Every once in awhile the cravings for a big steaming bowl of congee get very real. There isn't a whole lot of places downtown that offer traditional Hong Kong style food, so I was really happy when I discovered Congee Noodle Delight at Tinseltown. What we ate: Preserved Egg Congee with Pork Slices ($6.50) This... Continue Reading →

Railtown Cafe

My company sometimes caters from Railtown and I find their sandwiches pretty tasty, so I decided to check out their brick and mortar location with R. What he ate: The Caesar - olive oil croutons, shaved reggiano, classic caesar dressing ($10) + Chicken ($4) R had no complaints on this salad. This is his go... Continue Reading →


I met up with Q this week for a long due catch up date. We made it with one minute to spare, so we managed to get a drink order in at their Cocktail Hour pricing. What we drank: White Sangria ($5 - during Happy Hour) This was pretty standard, personally I prefer the sangria... Continue Reading →


Normally I'm not swayed by Starbucks' new offerings, but this one I just couldn't pass up. I adore toasted coconut anything (I was so sad when Tim Hortons stopped making the Toasted Coconut Doughnut!), so when I saw this new drink from Starbucks I knew I had to try it. I was a having a... Continue Reading →

Nemesis Coffee

The buzz about this coffee shop has been insane, and I was so glad to finally be able to check it out! I came much later in the day so they were out of quite a few items, but luckily for A and I they still had one of the best things left. What we... Continue Reading →

Chosun Korean Restaurant

Whenever I'm craving Korean food, I can always count on Y to be down to eat with me. Even if it's a million degrees outside and I want to eat piping hot soup he's got my back. What he ate: Yukgaejang ($9.95) I had a taste and the flavours were pretty standard. This was pretty... Continue Reading →

Takoyaki [Recipe]

When M went to Japan he so very kindly lugged back a Takoyaki pan for me so we finally put it to use! This was my second time ever making Takoyaki and I would say that it was pretty successful! If you aren't lucky enough to have someone personally buy you a pan from Japan,... Continue Reading →

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