I’m a mess

Lipstick was on point yesterday!

At work today my coworker complimented me saying that I look really good and that I lost weight!! 😊😊😊😊


I drank too much and has sex with 유 yesterday. I literally cannot remember what happened. Does that mean I gave consent? I honestly have a huge blank.

What was I thinking. I was supposed to walk away from this. From all of it.

I remember trying to sit really far from him. And him eating. But after that it’s a blank. Actually I remember drinking most of the sparkling wine. And then trying the other one. He says I made him drink the rest of the other bottle. And apparently I made him change into the shirt I like?? I don’t even remember giving him a blowjob????? Or having sex??? Or like doing anything???????????????

I fell asleep and he woke me up this morning. I’m so dead. I can’t believe I fell asleep. Either I was really tired or really drunk. Probably both. I  woke up and I had no clothes on. That’s the only thing that cued me in that we did it.

I wasn’t supposed to have sex with him.

Does it still count if I don’t remember a damn thing????  Also I have so many cuts and bruises everywhere. I must have fallen so much or hit my head or something. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember a thing. Apparently I kept getting up (my body subconsciously trying to remove myself from the situation????)

He drove me home and then I invited him in and made him noodles. And then I asked to have morning sex. Because what the hell. I’ve already screwed up. And he couldn’t get it up lol.

After, I called him back to pick me up because I was too lazy to walk to the bus. We ended up training to work together.

Today’s lip situation. I’m a total lip junkie. I have so many lipsticks and they’re all pretty much slight variations of each other in colour 😂😂😂

The weather is SO AMAZING today!!! It feels like summer!!! It puts me in a much better mood 😊

Reusing an old pic but went back to one of my fav new Japanese restaurants with Ash today.

Chilled with her for a bit and now I’m going to meet W to give him his phone case.

Apparently there’s going to be a thunder storm tonight 😱😱😱

Also fml didn’t bring an umbrella 😰😰

Since it was pouring rain we ended up staying in the mall and going for udon.

So extra 😂

Rain and sun. Make up your mind!

Actually yesterday I felt super pretty? My skin wasn’t great but the concealer I got from urban decay works quite well!!


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