In an attempt to venture out of my comfort zone (not repeat the same restaurants over and over again) I found this Japanese-Korean sashimi restaurant. It’s tucked away on the second floor above Hannam Supermarket on North Road, so don’t make the same mistake I did and wander to sketchy back areas looking for this restaurant. When M and I first arrived at around 6:30 … Continue reading Jejudo

The Rise Eatery

What we drank: Caesar ($10.00), Geisha-rita – sake, lychee, pink lemonade and togarashi ($12.00) and Mojito ($10.00) The last two drinks had fancier names but I can’t remember what they were and they don’t have the bar menu online. The consensus was that the drinks weren’t very good. The Geisha-rita was particularly weird with the togarashi rim, it didn’t complement the extremely sweet lychee drink at … Continue reading The Rise Eatery