Bakery Cafe

Maison Mori – Fluffy Breads with an Asian Twist in Coquitlam

Maison Mori is creating innovative pastries made with classic Japanese and French techniques while incorporating traditional Korean flavours.

Maison Mori is hidden inside an unassuming food court on North Road. Located next to Midam, this cute little bakery is all the way in the back of an empty mall.

This cute little bakery is the brainchild of Chefs Seok Min Kim and Hye Sun Jeon. This lovely couple are former students of École de Patisserie de Tokyo so all the breads in this lovely bakery employ French and Japanese techniques while incorporating traditional Korean flavours like red bean, mugwort and chestnut. All their baked goods and cakes are made fresh daily and you can definitely taste the care and attention that goes into each pastry.

The little bakery is decorated with lots of dark wood paneling and a glass case displays all of their delicious baked goods for sale. They also have a bread schedule, so you know exactly when to get your favourite bread.

Sweet Potato Cube($4.20) and Soboro Chestnut Cube ($4.30)

On this visit I tried their Sweet Potato Cube and Soboro Chestnut Cube.

The Sweet Potato Cube has a lovely caramel crust which gave way to a soft and fluffy interior with generous chunks of sweet potato embedded inside. It wasn’t too sweet and it was the perfect texture.

The Soboro Chestnut Cube has a crunchy streusel topping that was a great textural contrast to the soft bread. Like the Sweet Potato Cube, this bread was also stuffed with generous chunks of chestnuts.

Overall, I really enjoyed the breads that I tried at Maison Mori. The level of baked goods produced here is comparable to the top bakeries in Vancouver. I cannot wait to be back!

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