Passion8 Dessert Cafe

Shaved ice or 팥빙수 is one of my favourite desserts. There has been a plethora of shops offering them in Vancouver and I decided to check out Passion8 upon missvancouverpiggy‘s recommendation. I went here with Q on a nice April afternoon. What we ate: Matchacha – Japanese matcha powder, mochi with red bean on snow shaved ice ($8.50) The snow ice was so fluffy! I … Continue reading Passion8 Dessert Cafe

Shiny Tea – International Village

Ever since pictures of this started popping up on Instagram I knew I had to get down to Shiny Tea as soon as possible to try it out. I really wanted to try their Tieguanyin flavour but they didn’t have it the day I went. So instead I tried their Oolong flavour. What I ate: Oolong Gelato with Kuromitsu Syrup and Red Bean ($4.50 + … Continue reading Shiny Tea – International Village