Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant

I adore Shanghai food and I’m so lucky that Vancouver has some really great Shanghainese ย restaurants. My ride or die Shanghai restaurant will always be Shanghai Wonderful, but I’m always open to trying new places! My mom got a recommendation from her friend for this restaurant so we decided to check it out last Saturday morning. What we ate: Xiao Long Bao These were pretty … Continue reading Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant

Sura Korean Cuisine Restaurant

Sura is one of my go to Korean restaurants. It’s on the slightly pricier end but their location and banchan can’t be beat. They have some of the best Korean side dishes in town, and I always find myself back here for consistent Korean eats. This post is a combination of two visits! What we ate: Seafood Pancake ($20.00) I almost never get this dish. … Continue reading Sura Korean Cuisine Restaurant


In an attempt to venture out of my comfort zone (not repeat the same restaurants over and over again) I found this Japanese-Korean sashimi restaurant. It’s tucked away on the second floor above Hannam Supermarket on North Road, so don’t make the same mistake I did and wander to sketchy back areas looking for this restaurant. When M and I first arrived at around 6:30 … Continue reading Jejudo