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Cafe de l’Orangerie

After a long day shopping at Tsawwassen Mills we went here for some good old Yoshoku (Japanese-Western) cuisine. This Cafe used to be one of my favourites and I would be here at least once a week (before they moved to this location). I haven't been back in a very long time, so I was… Continue reading Cafe de l’Orangerie

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Long’s Noodle House

I had a long overdue lunch date with my mum today! This little hole in the wall is ultra popular and busy! We showed up three minutes after opening and the restaurant was already full! We had to share a table with three other pairs. Since my mum and I aren't huge eaters, we only… Continue reading Long’s Noodle House

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Al Porto Ristorante

My experience with Italian food is severely limited to Anton's and HK-style spaghetti. So when the co-op student at my office was having her farewell lunch I was happy to hear that it would be at Al Porto. At lunch time, Al Porto has a really good lunch deal where you can get a soup… Continue reading Al Porto Ristorante

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PiDGiN has been on my list of restaurants to try out for a long time, so I was really glad to have the chance to check it out with M. What we drank: Old Fashioned and a Zero Proof drink spiked with gin M said that the Old Fashioned wasn't very strong, and that the… Continue reading PiDGiN